Episode 08 – How to use “though” and more.

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Episode 08

Episode 08 – How to use “though” and more (English in Sinhala)

Topics discussed in this episode:​​

Part 01 – In this part, we are talking about a particular word and how to use it in a sentence or conversation.


  • The phone woke me up, even though it wasn’t loud.
  • His words are happy but look at his face, though. (His words are energetic but look at his face, there is something wrong)
  • Learning online is excellent. My time is limited, though.

You can use though at the beginning of a sentence but, it is too formal (If you are writing an email or a letter this is fine)

Part 02 – This part will Explain a conversation using a Podcast, TV series, or a Film.

Harry Potter - Episode 08 – How to use “though” and more (English in Sinhala)
Episode 08 – How to use “though” and more (English in Sinhala)

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Miss Granger?

I went looking for the troll.

I thought I could handle it.

But I was wrong.

If Harry and Ron hadn’t come

and found me, I’d probably be dead

Part 03 – In this part, we suggest you listen to a song while paying attention to its lyrics.

Episode 08 – How to use “though” and more (English in Sinhala)

John Denver ♥ Take Me Home, Country Roads

John Denver ♥ Take Me Home, Country Roads

Part 04 – This part is for the Q and A session. Here I will tell you a story and ask you questions, and you will have to listen carefully and answer those questions.

Once upon a time, there was a kid called John. One day he went to the playground to play cricket. But no one was at the ground. Near the big farm tree, there was a big bench.

John went there and sat on that bench, hoping that someone would come to play with him. John waited for more than two hours, but no one showed up.

Then he felt tired of waiting and stood up to go back home. But unfortunately, the rain came from nowhere. He ran to the house as fast as he could. When he went back home, his mom was at the front door, worrying about where her kid was. John Ran to his mother, and mom gave him a big hug.

  • What was the kid’s name?
  • Why did he go to the playground?
  • What happened after he went to the playground?
  • Why did he go to the bench? 
  • How long does he wait?
  • Why did he have to run to the home?
  • Why did his mom worry?
  • What did her mother do after John came to the home?

Part 05 – In this part, I will give ten or five new words to your vocabulary and will tell you how to use these words in a sentence.

Adversary (noun)  – an enemy 

  • He saw her as his main adversary within the company.

Aplomb (noun) – confidence and style

  • Rosalind conducted the meeting with her usual aplomb.

Apprehensive (adjective) – feeling worried about something that you are going to do or that is going to happen

  • I’m very apprehensive about tomorrow’s meeting.

 Aptitude (noun) – a natural ability or skill

  • My son has no aptitude for sport.

Attentive (adjective)- listening carefully

  • an attentive audience

Episode 08 – How to use “though” and more (English in Sinhala)

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